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  Having a family the size that we have, it seems impossible that we could ever get out; but we are very resourceful!!  We have had the pleasure of being to TWO of Disney's theme parks!  Scott and I have been to WaltDisneyWorld, and Disneyland. 

   I think most of us have been to Disneyland at least once, but I haven't had half as much time there as my girlfriend, Kat.  She gives new meaning to "Disneyphile"!  She has a season pass, so she goes whenever she can!  I'm so jealous!  But hey, it's pretty special when it's for a   particular occasion...
    Like a honeymoon!  Yes, we had our honeymoon at a Disney park, WDW in fact!  We had a glorious time!  We stayed at the Polynesian, even went to the luao.  It was MAGIC, I didn't want to leave!  I think my two favorite rides were the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and The Alien Encounter.  Two very cool rides!   I wish I had a video of my husband screaming his tonsils off on the way down the Tower!  Alien Encounter isn't really a ride though, more like an interactive show.     You wait in line in a lobby that is like waiting for a plane at the airport.  Then they give you a demonstration of the new teleportation device, that you are in line to go on, by the way.  Anyway, you finally get into the main room, or teleportation pod, and are restrained in a chair, whereupon they instruct you on safety and what is about to happen.  In short, they mess up and send a "being" into the room, instead of sending you to another place.  My advice:  Keep your mouth closed, and hold on to your loved one--you're about to be more scared than you have ever been in your LIFE!!!
   If you ever get a chance to get to WDW, you have to visit to Animal Kingdom!  It wasn't done by the time we were there.  So if you do get there, please Email me and tell me what you thought.

     We have been to Disneyland many times, but most recently, we went with our two oldest children.  It was a ton of fun, and no one got lost.  I got to take the kids on all the rides that I wasn't allowed on when I was a kid!  We went on the Submarines, which are closed down now, so that was really a stroke of luck!  We also went to Toon Town, and took a lot of pictures, some of which I have included for your enjoyment.  The kids had a blast, especially on the Pirates of the Caribbean, my all time favorite.  We also went in the Haunted Mansion, I thought the kids might be scared, but they loved it, especially the part where you are sitting next to a ghost!
     At the end of the day, we watched the fireworks, and then we did some quick shopping on the way out.  Although, the kids were pretty much dead by that time!