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Hello! And welcome to our family page!

  Scott and I have been married since April 27th, 1996.  We met in high school, and had our first little girl in 1994, when I was a junior in high school.   But that didn't stop me, I finished school just the same!  My hubby, Scott, works in the International Union of Operating Engineers, and does a great job of supporting our unusually large family!  
  We currently live in the high-desert of California, but I hope to move one day to a house where I can grow a lawn.  We do have a few Joshua trees here, but it just isn't the same. 

Our kids are getting older and older, our oldest is now in Kindergarten and the second oldest is in Preschool.  Two down, two to go.  Hehehe

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This is the family excluding my youngest son >

  My mother-in-law is a wonderful person.  She owns a country store in Yucca Valley called Donna's Country Store.   She has a Ty account, and she gets swamped with beanie baby customers every month, I am surpised she hasn't dropped dead of stress by now!  She also has regular quilting classes, as well as all of your quilting needs.  So if you are needing a particular fabric, or other quilting supplies, then stop by and tell Donna that Heather sent you! 
My father-in-law is in the same career as Scott is, only he has A LOT more experience!  He has been an Operating Engineer for over twenty years now, and shows no indication of stopping anytime soon!  You can visit the International Union of Operating Engineers website at  I highly recommend it, it is very informational.

My mother and step-father are both Navy veterans, and coincidentily, my older brother is in the Navy.  We just found him after 23 years, he was adopted when my mother was young.  We are all reunited now, and couldn't be happier!  He is making it up the ladder very fast, and we are very proud of him!  He is currently stationed on the U.S.S. Gunston Hall, and is a radioman aboard it.  You can also visit the US Navy web site at if you are interested in what the Navy does for you, you might be surpised to see what they have done to keep you safe all these years.

I also have a younger brother and sister, but at this time, I have no picture of them.   My sister is a junior in highschool and is in the band as a flutist.  My brother is a freshman and is also in band, only he plays the clarinet.  All I have to say is:  Thank God I don't have to listen to them play!  Just kidding!   Actually, they are both very good.  I love them very much and enjoy the summers, when they can come and spent time with me.  They are great kids, I'm sure they'll go far in life.

    My husband has a sister, too.  She is a travel agent.  She is Disney approved, and she always has the best ideas.  She was the one who suggested we   go to WDW (Walt Disney World) for our honeymoon.  We had a great time!  We will never forget it!  If you are planning a trip to ANYWHERE, Email my sister-in-law, and she'll set you up!  Her Email address is:
We have recently also found another long-lost relative, Scott's older brother and Bruce's son from a previous marriage, Bruce Wightman, Jr.  He is a wonderful person and very funny.  He works for the N.O.A.A.  To find out more on the NOAA go to , it's a way cool site.  Bruce Jr. was found last Christmas after I found my brother, Ron.  My newfound brother prompted Scott's yearning for a older brother so then Sue's husband (with the help of Bruce Sr.) got on the internet and BINGO!! There he was.  Within weeks they were in contact.   It's gotten better and better ever since.  I personally think Bruce was truly the best thing that ever happened in Scott's life-besides his babies and ME of course.